Haunted squids

As you know (or maybe not, ejem), I really enjoy those moments with kids when I can share my daily works with them and in the end we come up with something unexpected and funny. It happened a few days ago, when I was cooking some squids in ink with rice for lunch.

I was there, with the ink packages, and I started thinking how it would be letting some ink to Micaela, with a paintbrush… And she painted some squids. What about thining down some ink with water, drop it on the paper and raise the sheet, so the ink slips down and draws the squid’s legs? But it didn’t work properly… But, alas, we found something better! Yes! We took a drinking straw and we started blowing and it proved wonderful. We came up with these haunted squids!

Micaela and Uri had a nice morning testing and exploring other natural ways. And, of course, we ate our squids in ink. They were fabulous!

Have a nice week!