{this moment}

{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. [From: Soulemama]


Back to school

Summer ends, and school is back again. I still love to open the new books and dive my nose into the pages and feel again that peculiar smell; and when I see all the pencils lined up on the table, and the bag so clean and ready for store up so many treasures… That’s true. But, setting all this wonderful feelings aside, I definitely prefer holidays, when my little ones are with me, at home. But everything comes to an end, and this year Summer is nearly gone.

So, we are preparing us to the new year, and one of our first aims is to readjust us to the school pace. So we have two new boards on our fridge, with magnetic chores: get dressed, pick up the toys, brush my teeth… At first, the paper board is empty, and as day goes on  -and chores are done- magnets fill up them.

Is an easy and peaceful way to lead children into a rythm and I realized they live happier and calmer when they know what’s going to happen next. All the boys and girls love to please their parents; it’s easier for them when we give them some clues, isn’t it?

Summer bikes!

This Summer, Micaela and Oriol had their first bikes without training wheels. Micaela’s legs have been a big bruise for weeks, while she was learning to pedal, but now she comes back and forth, and runs, and stops… and then it all starts again!

Uri has a bike without training wheels nor pedals. He put his feet on the floor and gets up speed and then… he goes, goes, goes!

Last weeks we’ve been looking for suitable parks and squares, where they could practice with these new artefacts! This Summer will be remembered as “The Summer when they both rode on their own!”

Haunted squids

As you know (or maybe not, ejem), I really enjoy those moments with kids when I can share my daily works with them and in the end we come up with something unexpected and funny. It happened a few days ago, when I was cooking some squids in ink with rice for lunch.

I was there, with the ink packages, and I started thinking how it would be letting some ink to Micaela, with a paintbrush… And she painted some squids. What about thining down some ink with water, drop it on the paper and raise the sheet, so the ink slips down and draws the squid’s legs? But it didn’t work properly… But, alas, we found something better! Yes! We took a drinking straw and we started blowing and it proved wonderful. We came up with these haunted squids!

Micaela and Uri had a nice morning testing and exploring other natural ways. And, of course, we ate our squids in ink. They were fabulous!

Have a nice week!


Precious findings

First time I got pregnancy (that’s 7 years ago!), I was all day thinking about how it was going to be. My little baby girl was born, and started growing up, and since then my ideas about motherhood haven’t stop changing.

Among all my precious findings, a few days ago I read somewhere on the net this one: “A good example has twice the value of good advice”. And yesterday we had a chance to experience it. Just going out altogether, to the park, with their bikes and  our ping pong paddles… and enjoying live for the present.

These days reinforce my confidence and I feel glad because I know there are many ways I can help my little ones on their learing path.

Into the woods

On these hot days, I feel some relief recalling the smell of wet grounds, springy fallen leafs, sunny or shady mushrooms, dark roads (too much for my camera!), the dancing waters that are always playing hide and seek…

Recalling those trips into the woods, where kids can play with Nature on a normal way –are there better toys than sand, water, mud, branches? And where we can fill up our tanks of patience and listen to them, calmly, to catch the words they say aloud and the ones they think silently (so we must read in their minds)… And a lot more things, of course!