There are normal days, mournful days, cold days, silly days, hard days… and there are those special, special, special days like the one we had last weekend. Our greatgrandmother turned 86!

How can we celebrate such a fantastic date? asked Micaela a few days before. And it wasn’t easy for her to understand her GGM couldn’t bear the party she had ideated. She needs a slower pace now, and calm days, and pretty things, and her family…

We had a nice time trying to upgrade her photographic mind. At last, Micaela found the key: “Look, this is a small tv for photos only!” And then she understood. Now, I’m eager to scan all the old photos she has: old days in a new frame!I’m so happy we can enjoy all this emotions together! These are the little things that make me stronger. Happy birthday to all the greatgrandmothers!


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