Discovering Giotto

Yesterday morning Summer came back to us here in Barcelona: the sun was shining and the sky was deep in this shining blue so special of this city. It wasn’t an indoors day, at all! As papa was a bit ill, we take benefit of the nice parks in our neighborhood and we spent our morning and lunch time at the top of the hill, with the mountain at one side, the sea at the other and a table plenty of painting stuff in the middle.

We arrange the easel, some paper, water, brushes, coloured chalk and, as we were about discovering Giotto, we had also eggs! We mixed the yolk of one egg with some water (too much, I think) and smashed chalks on the palette, with a round stone! Micaela poured some watered yolk into the powdered chalk (too much, we know now) and… let the party start!
This firts attempt resulted in a very, very watered paint, more like watercolors than oils; next time we’ll reduce the water-egg amount. And we discovered that the small grater from Micaela’s toy kitchen was perfect to powder chalk. Anyway, Giotto will be into the first places in Micaela’s painting mind, I’m sure. And I have another beautiful memory with my family. Ah! And when our stomachs were roaring, papa came with a potatoes and zucchini omelette, freshly cooked! Perfect Papa and perfect Sunday for a family like us!



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