Seaside collection

This summer we have our first seaside collection. I bought some jars so the kids can keep their salted treasures: shells, mussels, conches, some sand, polished glass, and some nacre too!

Children at home can do a lot of things with these treasures! Natural plays are fantastic, always. I use to put a tablecloth on their little table and let them imagine, carry out experiments. Yesterday I added some pieces of felt on the tablecloth: two white “boards” and some more with blue shades. Oriol had a funny morning trying to sort his stuff: first all the shells in the white square, then all the mussels, now only the stones… Micaela did some works with green, brown and white glasses. Natural toys are always warmer than the manufactured ones; they are special after you picked up them all and washed them and sorted and keep them on a very special shelf.

What will be tomorrow? No one knows…


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