Good bye 2011!

Tempus nascendi, tempus moriendi… 2011 was born, and passed away. Now, here comes 2012. Tempus plantandi, tempus euellendi quod plantatum est… We will plant, then, our bests this 2012 and we’ll harvest on 2013.

What I am going to plant for this family?

Lots of love always and all our attention devoted to our children’s education.

My hopes for this family on 2012?

Please, 2012, come a bit more calmly, so this story of us can grow up at home, in the Nature, with friends amd family, in the city…

Happy 2013 harvest!

Next Tuesday is 13th of December, and as every year we’ll start decorating our house for Christmas.

This year we want all our decorations made at home, with unexpensive stuff. But if everything must be just in time for next Tuesday… let’s get down to it! So, here we are.

We started with some salt dough and some molds I bought last Christmas.

1 cup of salt + 1 cup of flour + some warm water = funny evening making Christmas trees, candy sticks, ginger men and leaves!

I really love these days when giggles, surprise and emotion get mixed all together and they come under the door! Tomorrow it’s time for painting that figures

And you, what are you preparing for Christmas?

Play scenes

Inspired here, yesterday evening back home after school I bought a small blue washbowl. As it was our first attempt with play scenes, I thought it would be easier if I didn’t expect any educational goal, so we glued some sand on a canvas and start playing with all our Summer stuff. Nothing else.
It was nice. Both Micaela and Uri found their own ways and had a fun playing with sand, water, creating the sea bottom with shells and plastic plants… Two medieval knights became jumpers from an improvised diving board and a specially big shell turned into a small boat.

Next time I’ll suggest a well-known story to Micaela, just in case. We’ll see what happens!


There are normal days, mournful days, cold days, silly days, hard days… and there are those special, special, special days like the one we had last weekend. Our greatgrandmother turned 86!

How can we celebrate such a fantastic date? asked Micaela a few days before. And it wasn’t easy for her to understand her GGM couldn’t bear the party she had ideated. She needs a slower pace now, and calm days, and pretty things, and her family…

We had a nice time trying to upgrade her photographic mind. At last, Micaela found the key: “Look, this is a small tv for photos only!” And then she understood. Now, I’m eager to scan all the old photos she has: old days in a new frame!I’m so happy we can enjoy all this emotions together! These are the little things that make me stronger. Happy birthday to all the greatgrandmothers!

Discovering Giotto

Yesterday morning Summer came back to us here in Barcelona: the sun was shining and the sky was deep in this shining blue so special of this city. It wasn’t an indoors day, at all! As papa was a bit ill, we take benefit of the nice parks in our neighborhood and we spent our morning and lunch time at the top of the hill, with the mountain at one side, the sea at the other and a table plenty of painting stuff in the middle.

We arrange the easel, some paper, water, brushes, coloured chalk and, as we were about discovering Giotto, we had also eggs! We mixed the yolk of one egg with some water (too much, I think) and smashed chalks on the palette, with a round stone! Micaela poured some watered yolk into the powdered chalk (too much, we know now) and… let the party start!
This firts attempt resulted in a very, very watered paint, more like watercolors than oils; next time we’ll reduce the water-egg amount. And we discovered that the small grater from Micaela’s toy kitchen was perfect to powder chalk. Anyway, Giotto will be into the first places in Micaela’s painting mind, I’m sure. And I have another beautiful memory with my family. Ah! And when our stomachs were roaring, papa came with a potatoes and zucchini omelette, freshly cooked! Perfect Papa and perfect Sunday for a family like us!


Busy, busy bees!

We’ve been so busy last week! School started again and everything was on a rush: bags, books, bus, some tears… Hard days for all of us.

But I hope we can share with you again all our adventures this week, because we also made some art on wheels, marble painting, we swam on a pool of leaves, met some cows and celebrate a few birthdays! A very exciting week, you bet!